Buffalo Community Development Corperation started as a series of brunch conversations about what we could do to help rehabilitate our city.  The rust belt economics had produced numerous problems for Buffalo any one of which was worthy of dedicating time to.  Our focus became clear when our talk turned to current rehabilitation going on around the Grant and Amherst area.  Neighborhood book stores and coffee shops, restaurants and markets were starting to thrive in storefronts that had long stood empty.  The area FELT different.  A character had emerged.  The neighborhood was alive again.  It was clear that this was what the neighborhood was before the fall.  This had not happened by virtue of an outside development organization tearing down what was there and rebuilding something foreign.  It was Buffalonians deciding to open businesses and invest their energy into the neighborhood that was already there waiting.  

         We decided that we could be a part of that homegrown renaissance.  We could form an organization that would give Buffalonians a collective power to rehabilitate and redevelop the neighborhoods that they live in.  We could make it easier for a local entrepreneur to start up their dream knowing that it could have a home.  We believed that though the glory of buffalo is dimmed, it was never gone; It only sleeps beneath the rust.  If we could channel our efforts, and help kindle a rehabilitation that is already sparked around us, she will Shine again.